Wilderness Survival Quiz


Well, well done, that was a hard one

Better luck next time

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#1. What should you do to lower stress and keep a clear head in a survival situation?

#2. What kind of survival kit should you construct.

#3. How much water must the body lose before death?

#4. When selecting a site to build your shelter what should you NOT consider?

#5. If you need water and all that is available is salt water should you drink it?

#6. What materials should you use when using the bow method to light a fire?

#7. Insects are an excellent source of protein, but you should not eat all of them. Which insects should you avoid?

#8. When performing the Universal Edibility Test what should you do?

#9. What should you remember to help you avoid poisonous plants?

#10. What should you do to avoid dangerous animals like snakes?

#11. When making a stone knife what materials do you need?

#12. When in a desert environment what should you do to conserve water?

#13. In order to move well through the jungle you should?

#14. In a cold weather survival situation which should you do?

#15. If you're on a plane that goes down at sea what should you do?

#16. If you must cross a river you should?

#17. To locate the North Star you should?

#18. When signaling with fire how do you form the international distress signal?

#19. How do you identify black widow spiders?

#20. If you see a snake that you think is a coral snake how do you identify it?

#21. Of the following sharks, which one is not among the top 4 for most attacks on humans?