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We know that ads can be annoying, but we don’t do it to be annoying, they are what helps keep this chat free.

You can subscribe with PayPal or Direct Debit and your monthly payment will be taken automatically every month. Less work for you.

So when you join Ad Free you get:

  • No adverts at all, mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, in fact none anywhere
  • Exclusive Group with Chat and Competitions and Freebies.
  • Sneak Previews of upcoming events and features before anyone else.
  • The ability to add your favourite Radio Station to the Radio or your favourite artist if they have a stream
  • A Verified profile, after all PayPal or your bank confirm you are over 18, so we don’t need to
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As well as Ad Free there is the Supporters Option, currently it doesn’t offer much more than Ad Free, you get a unique icon on your profile and in the chat rooms (eventually) but we plan to offer exclusives, this is more about showing your love for The Chat Cafe at £7.50 a month automatically recurring. Click the button below to become a Supporter. You can choose PayPal or Direct Debit

(Direct debit option works for those with banks in Europe as well, just select IBAN)
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