Easter 2022 Quiz

This is a quick fun quiz. There are 14 questions, everyone that enters will be entered into the draw to win a prize. Prize is a £5 gift voucher, you can choose from Zalando, Caffe Nero, Decathlon, Halfords, New Look, Curry’s, Marks and Spencer’s, Pizza Express, Tesco. For those not in the UK it is a €5/$5 Amazon Gift card.

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#1. How long is Lent, the period of fasting before Easter?

#2. Select the 5 real days that relate to Easter and Lent

Select all that apply:

#3. Easter is associated with which Jewish holiday?

#4. Which of these is the official flower of Easter?

#5. Which iconic British chocolatier made the first chocolate egg for Easter in 1873?

#6. The traditional ‘Easter egg roll’ happens at which iconic U.S site?

#7. In which city, where it is believed Jesus was crucified, do people carry a cross through the streets at Easter?

#8. ‘Virvonta’ is a tradition where children dress as Easter witches in which country?

#9. In the Easter tradition of ‘Scoppio del Carro’, an ornate cart with fireworks explodes outside which landmark in Florence?

#10. Dancing is banned in which country on Good Friday?

#11. To save awareness of an endangered native species, Australia offered which chocolate alternative to the Easter bunny?

#12. Easter Island, discovered on Easter Sunday in 1722, is now part of which country?

#13. ‘Rouketopolemos’ is an event in which country where two rival church congregations fire homemade rockets at each other?

#14. During Easter In Papua New Guinea, trees outside of churches are decorated with what?




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