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Well Tuesday is here, thought i would blog about candles n smellies (wax melts) i love to melt down a good wax which smell amazing throughout my whole house … its absolutely life changing – it uplifts up you and makes you feelin fresh especially when finish having shower and during cleaning my house . so fresh so clean and smellin wonderful!!!

i love Yankee candles – i love black cherries, and vanilla cupcake, cookies n cream, omg i love all of the fragrances !!!! i have a candle in every room…

one of my favourite things in life is candles.




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About the author: 🧜‍♀️MandaMermaid

I’m a big bold bubbily friendly beautiful woman 🤩 i can somewhat be shy around you for a while if i dont know you, but im better when im used to you im such a laugh and fun to be around .... im somewhat hopelessly romantic - not that im gonna fall to the floor for you no! i meaning in a relationship. Which i am not in at the moment!
I am single, not currently searching neither - i am finding myself at the minute and healing dealing through the trauma i have been through!! i am much happier independent and much stronger! No one in this world can change my smile and my happiness i now have within me!!!
i am a friendly individual as i can say i do love chatting with different people different cultures from all over the world, so do come by and say hello... if i dont answer then im probably away from my laptop so leave me a message in my inbox i always reply..
anyways i dont know what else to say ,... other than Happy Chatting and Stay Safe.

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